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10000 SAUDI JOBS – Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman visit Pakistan

10000 SAUDI JOBS government

Saudi Arabia’s visit; The good news for Pakistani youth

During the visit of Prince Wali Shah Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, 10 thousand Pakistani youth are expected to join Haram Pak security and get the jobs.
During the visit of the Prince Wali Shah Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, Haram Pak is expected to recruit 10,000 Pakistani youths. The report of the Saudi newspaper said that during the visit of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, in various fields Two-way cooperation agreements will be signed. There is also a possibility of 10 thousand Pakistani youth jobs for the force in order to increase the force of haram Pak security.

More information in Saudi Arabia, where Saudi Arabia is providing full support to the economy of Pakistan, is now in the field to save Saudi Arabia from Pakistan’s water crisis.
Saudi Arabia has also decided to fund two major projects launched on an emergency basis to save Pakistan from the water crisis. Saudi Arabia has decided to provide funding for the construction of Damar Bhasha Dam and Mohmand Dam.
Regular memory will be signed during the visit of Saudi vet Muhammad Muhammad Salman to build dams. Saudi Arabia will provide 1 billion 20 million 75 million rupees for 5 different projects including the construction of Mohmand and Diamer Bhasha Dam. The MoU will be presented at the summit’s total federal cabinet meeting with the Saudi Fund for Development.
Pakistan will get $ 37 million for Saudi Arabia’s steam dam for $ 30 million and Mohmand dam for 30 million and sugar reserves for 24 million rupees. Saudi Arabia will provide Rs.15 million for Jamshoro power project and Rs 13 million for the Jagran Hydro Power Project. 
It is clear that the Saudi welfare Muhammad ibn Salman will arrive in Islamabad on February 2 for a two-day official visit. Saudi veneration Mohammad bin Salman will visit Pakistan for the first time.

Every Muslim wish that if you work in the house of God, then pray that we should get this job all of us. As soon as any news comes, we will definitely share with you. If you have any questions then you can do the comments below this article. 

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