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Food Freelance Photographer in Karachi, Pakistan

Kodakit is looking for enthusiastic, freelance photographers with a technical understanding of photography and the ability to follow a brief.

Type of photography:
– Food photography – 1 to 3 hours per photoshoot (based on project size)

What we’re looking for:
– Freelance photographer with gear: portable flash, diffuser, reflector
– Carry out photoshoots based on the briefs, with an understanding of specific client requests
– Past experience with food and product photography

What you get:
– Be part of a global community – Join thousands of photographers around the world who are picking up photoshoot gigs through Kodakit
– Get notified of photoshoots near you – Photoshoots are broadcasted to nearby photographers
– Work on your own time – You can accept up to 3-5 photo shoots a day, as long as you can fulfill the creative brief for all


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