How to find job - An easy guide to find quickly, without experience in 2020

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How to find job – An easy guide to find quickly, without experience in 2020


Finding jobs can be troublesome and in these days of pandemic the companies are laying off more and more people everyday. It is becoming even more difficult. I will explain to you in this treated step by step guide how you can get a job faster and that you will love.

It depends on the type of job you want. Do you want to do a 9 to 5 job for being your own Boss? every kind of job has his own pros and cons. Things  required to get a job quickly. What kind of experience do you have and how much is it? With the job market and circumstances changing quickly, how to get a job today in this day and age.

Type of jobs you want

Government jobs

Any kind of government jobs after government jobs of state or provinces jobs.

If you are interested then with this portal can you use it to search for government jobs

Moreover, you can also visit the other website from the government like which can provide temporary or permanent jobs according to the current event and requirements like census 2020.

Just open it and search for the type of jobs you are interested in according to your skills. Then enter the city or state  which you prefer and you will get the listing of all the jobs. If you are in any other country than the United States of America you can search your government’s website  or portal for jobs.

government jobs
Hiring in government jobs

Private jobs

if you looking for private jobs and third party websites like indeed or linkedin can come handy. The procedure to apply in both websites and other websites are different. Indeed is a portal type  of website where the companies list the job offers to hire potential candidates. You can search for the job you are interested in and apply for it. If selected then these companies  call you for the test or interview according to their hiring needs.

How to find job using linkedin

Entrepreneurship or opening your own business

If you are not a 9-5 person who doesn’t want to work for any other person. If you have any major issue with working  for the other companies.Then you can start your own business or startup and create a job opportunity for yourself .it’s a different path than getting a normal  job. A normal job can provide a cost and income package which you can use to fulfil your needs. Entrepreneurship is a more risky way but also has its own pros. In addition to that It requires a lot of planning and a lot of execution with the possibility of a lot of capital investment.It can multiply your time and money after sometime  or you may be all of it. It’s your choice to make whichever you feel is better for you.

Entrepreneurship like a boss

Online jobs

If you have any skill, knowledge or other expertise then the online jobs can be for you. First you have to decide what kind of online work you want to do. You can search for the companies which offer online jobs or remote jobs. Not every work can be done remotely.  If you have skills like website development, S.E.O e.t.c then there are many companies or people who are interested in getting your services. 


Freelancing is a type of online job where you are not looking for any single company or any person. You can provide your services to many clients or companies. There are many platforms like, and Where you can build your profile, portfolio or gig about your skills which you want to offer. Every platform has its own value that they give to the clients and to the freelancers. Being the third party these websites take 20% of every order that  freelancers get. But this is an appealing option as part time and for a full career to make in freelancing.

After deciding the type of job you want to pursue in your career. Turning towards the commonly asked questions on the Internet about finding jobs.

Freelancing remote work
Freelancing working from home

How can I find a job quickly?

Make finding jobs your only job. That way you can remain focused on your goal of getting a job. Decide what kind of job do you require to enhance your knowledge,experience and skills. 

Ask from your close circle of friends and family about the job. Do some more networking and ask about any job vacancy that is related or appealing to you. Even you can also search Facebook groups related to the jobs. LinkedIn is one of the best of options which can help in getting a job. Search the best website or portal that provides jobs based on your degree or skills. Make a new profile if it is required and apply on the desired listing of the job. If it is online work then search on Google about the best freelance Marketplace search for the companies that offer remote work. if you want to do the Government of them search on the government jobs providing portal. If it’s a private job that you require then search on platforms like one of the most popular job sites

Upgrade your CV, cover letter and other credentials. Read books to keep your knowledge fresh and updated. Prepare for a test if it is required for the job. Develop and enhance your interviewing skills and other skills. Review your job applications. Keep applying for more jobs. Don’t give up.

How to get job quickly

How do I find a job with no experience?

Making other things prominent will help you get a job without any experience. Other things can be

  • Soft skills
  • GPA
  • Internships
  • Volunteer work
  • Your personality
  • Attitude
  • The way you sell yourself to them
  • Final year project FYI
  • Your thesis
  • Your CV

Maintaining, polishing and upgrading these things can lead you to the job.

How do I get a job in 2020?

The procedure of getting the job is still the same as it was. The reliance on the internet has become more crucial and remote work is becoming the need of the hour. 

Making use of the freelance websites and offering your services and skills there. It is the better way to get jobs in 2020. Even after 2020 developing a skill like content writing, e-commerce or any other technical skill which has more demand in less competition.

It is the way to go to survive and earn these days. 

No jobs in 2020
Unemployment in 2020

Is it a good time to change jobs? 

It is a good time to switch jobs during recession and these circumstances. Because the situation is becoming more and more critical everyday. There is the highest number of unemployment seen in many years. Therefore every company is expanding its online presence and focusing on remote work. E-Commerce, freelancing and work from home is booming. Becoming a part of this trend will help us now and in the future. 


Finding a job and switching is not easy. Especially when companies are laying off people everyday and unemployment is on the rise. Be persistent in searching for jobs online and polish your skills meanwhile. Browse more from


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