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Important Mcq’s for FPSC, NTS, PPS, OTS, PTS tests

These Important Mcq’s for FPSC, NTS, PPS, OTS, PTS tests are as follow:

  1. United States president, Donald Trump, made his first foreign trip to
    (A) Israel
    (B) Saudi Arabia✔
    (C) Great Britain
    (D) Russia
  2. During the first trip of Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia, the two countries signed a __ arms deal.
    (A) $50 billion
    (B) $80 billion
    (C) $110 billion✔
    (D) $140 billion
  3. The United Kingdom general elections held on
    (A) 8 June 2017✔
    (B) 10 June 2017
    (C) 12 June 2017
    (D) 14 June 2017
  4. In Rio Olympics 2016 the women’s football gold was won by
    (A) Brazil
    (B) Germany✔
    (C) France
    (D) Italy
  5. In Rio Olympics 2016 the men’s volleyball gold was won by
    (A) United States
    (B) Russia
    (C) Brazil✔
    (D) Great Britain
  6. Michael Phelps, an American swimmer, won __ gold medals in Rio Olympics 2016.
    (A) 4
    (B) 5✔
    (C) 6
    (D) 7
  7. The Paris agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is to limit global warming well below
    (A) 1.0 °C
    (B) 1.5 °C
    (C) 2.0 °C✔
    (D) 2.5 °C
  8. The Paris agreement was opened for signature for one year on
    (A) 20 April 2016
    (B) 21 April 2016
    (C) 22 April 2016✔
    (D) 23 April 2016
  9. Who is current secretary general of the United Nations?
    (A) Javier Perez de Cuellar
    (B) Kofi Annan
    (C) Ban-Ki-Moon
    (D) Antonio Guterres✔
  10. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change deals with
    (A) reduction in fossil fuel usage
    (B) CO2 emissions mitigation
    (C) reduction in Uranium production
    (D) greenhouse gases emissions mitigation✔
  11. Antonio Guterres became secretary general of the United Nations on
    (A) 1 January 2017✔
    (B) 3 January 2017
    (C) 5 January 2017
    (D) 7 January 2017
  12. Secretary general United Nations Antonio Guterres belongs to
    (A) United States
    (B) Portugal✔
    (C) Czech Republic
    (D) Germany
  13. The Paris Agreement entered into force on
    (A) October 25, 2016
    (B) October 28, 2016
    (C) November 1, 2016
    (D) November 4, 2016✔
  14. The United States presidential elections were held on
    (A) November 5, 2016
    (B) November 6, 2016
    (C) November 7, 2016
    (D) November 8, 2016✔
  15. Barack Obama, who just completed his tenure as the president of the United States belongs to
    (A) Democratic Party✔
    (B) Republican Party
    (C) Libertarian Party
    (D) Green Party
  16. President Donald Trump was the presidential nominee of the
    (A) Democratic Party
    (B) Republican Party✔
    (C) Libertarian Party
    (D) Green Party
  17. President Donald Trump took office of the presidency on
    (A) 18 January 2017
    (B) 20 January 2017✔
    (C) 22 January 2017
    (D) 24 January 2017
  18. Hillary Clinton has also served as US __ from 2009 to 2013.
    (A) Vice President
    (B) Foreign Minister
    (C) Secretary of States✔
    (D) Interior Minister
  19. The largest museum in the world is
    (A) Vatican Museums
    (B) State Hermitage Museum
    (C) Louvre Museum✔
    (D) National Museum of China
  20. The Louvre Museum is located in
    (A) France✔
    (B) Italy
    (C) United States
    (D) United Kingdom
  21. A faction of the Turkish Armed Forces tried to impose Martial Law in the country on
    (A) 15 July 2016✔
    (B) 20 July 2016
    (C) 25 July 2016
    (D) 30 July 2016
  22. The attempted coup was mainly foiled by the
    (A) Turkish Army
    (B) Turkish Police
    (C) People of Turkey✔
    (D) Supporters of Turkish government
  23. The Turkish government accused that the faction of the army was linked to
    (A) Opposition Parties
    (B) Kurds Forces
    (C) Syria
    (D) Fethullah Gulen✔
  24. Fethullah Gulen is a religious and political leader lives in self-imposed exile in the
    (A) United States✔
    (B) United Kingdom
    (C) Saudi Arabia
    (D) Egypt
  25. The 2020 Olympics will be held in __.
    (A) London
    (B) Doha
    (C) Tokyo✔
    (D) Beijing
  26. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in
    (A) Argentina
    (B) Germany
    (C) Qatar
    (D) Russia✔
  27. The Best FIFA Football Awards 2016 (Men) was won by
    (A) Cristiano Ronaldo✔
    (B) Lionel Messi
    (C) Neymar
    (D) Ronaldinho
  28. The Best FIFA Football Awards 2016 (Women) was won by
    (A) Marta
    (B) Melanie Behringer
    (C) Carli Lloyd✔
    (D) Dzsenifer Marozsan
  29. The 2016 Nobel Prize in literature was won by
    (A) Alice Munro
    (B) Svetlana Alexievich
    (C) Bob Dylan✔
    (D) Angus Deaton
  30. The 2016 Nobel Peace Prize was won by
    (A) Angela Merkel
    (B) Barack Obama
    (C) European Union
    (D) Juan Manuel Santos✔
  31. The 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics was won by
    (A) Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom✔
    (B) Angus Deaton and Jean Tirole
    (C) Patrick Modiano
    (D) Arthur B. McDonald
  32. Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics for their contributions to
    (A) Supply and Demand
    (B) Consumption and Poverty
    (C) Contract theory✔
    (D) Consumption, Poverty and Welfare
  33. North Korea on 6 January 2016 claimed that it had successfully tested a/an
    (A) atomic bomb
    (B) hydrogen bomb✔
    (C) biogas bomb
    (D) bomb based on fission reaction
  34. Time magazine named _ its Person of the Year 2016.
    (A) Angela Merkel
    (B) Donald Trump✔
    (C) Barack Obama
    (D) Vladimir Putin
  35. Forbes magazine named _ the world’s most powerful person of 2016.
    (A) Angela Merkel
    (B) Malala Yousafzai
    (C) Barack Obama
    (D) Vladimir Putin✔
  36. On 24 November 2015 Russian jet was shot down by _ Air Force.
    (A) American
    (B) German
    (C) British
    (D) Turkish✔
  37. The Treaty on Accession of the Republic of Crimea to Russia was signed on?
    (A) 18 February 2014
    (B) 18 March 2014✔
    (C) 24 February 2014
    (D) 24 March 2014
  38. The Secretary of States of United States is
    (A) Rex Tillerson✔
    (B) Joe Biden
    (C) John Kerry
    (D) James F. Dobbins
  39. The Vice President of United States is
    (A) John Kerry
    (B) Mike Pence✔
    (C) Joe Biden
    (D) James F. Dobbins
  40. World’s oldest operational space launch facility is located in
    (A) America
    (B) Russia
    (C) Kazakhstan✔
    (D) India
  41. Which country has the largest reserves of oil?
    (A) United States
    (B) China
    (C) Russia
    (D) Venezuela✔
  42. In which country It is mandatory for all male citizens aged 18–27 to serve 1 year in Armed Forces?
    (A) America
    (B) Canada
    (C) Russia✔
    (D) Israel
  43. Which country is the world’s top supplier of weapons?
    (A) America
    (B) Russia✔
    (C) Israel
    (D) Germany
  44. Which from the following countries is NOT the member of BRICS?
    (A) America✔
    (B) Russia
    (C) China
    (D) India
  45. The President of India is
    (A) Sonia Gandhi
    (B) Dr. Abdul Kalam
    (C) Parnab Mukarji
    (D) Ram Nath Kovind✔
  46. The headquarter of Human Rights Watch is located in
    (A) Washington
    (B) New York✔
    (C) Berlin
    (D) Brussels
  47. Which country is the largest producer of oil?
    (A) Saudi Arabia✔
    (B) China
    (C) Russia
    (D) Venezuela
  48. Which country has the largest reserves of gas?
    (A) Saudi Arabia
    (B) Iran
    (C) Russia✔
    (D) Qatar
  49. Which country is the largest producer of gas?
    (A) Saudi Arabia
    (B) Iran
    (C) Russia✔
    (D) Qatar
  50. European Union has __ member states.
    (A) 27
    (B) 28✔
    (C) 29
    (D) 30
  51. The Euro currency is used by __ countries.
    (A) 17
    (B) 18
    (C) 19✔
    (D) 20
  52. “Kashmir” is a disputed area between
    (A) India and Sri Lanka
    (B) India and Bangladesh
    (C) India and Pakistan✔
    (D) Bangladesh and Pakistan
  53. “Northern Cyprus” is a disputed area between
    (A) Cyprus and Czech Republic
    (B) Cyprus and United Kingdom
    (C) Cyprus and Greece
    (D) Cyprus and Turkey✔
  54. Who is the secretary general of OIC?
    (A) Iyad bin Amin Madani
    (B) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
    (C) Prince Salman
    (D) Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen✔
  55. The official languages of NATO are
    (A) English and French✔
    (B) English and German
    (C) English and Spanish
    (D) English, French and German
  56. Which country has the largest coal reserves?
    (A) United States✔
    (B) Russia
    (C) China
    (D) Venezuela
  57. Which country is the largest producer of coal?
    (A) United States
    (B) Russia
    (C) China✔
    (D) Venezuela
  58. The 2015 Summer Universiade were held in
    (A) Moscow
    (B) Kazan
    (C) Gwangju✔
    (D) Beijing
  59. The 2017 Summer Universiade was scheduled to held in
    (A) Taipei✔
    (B) Kazan
    (C) Beijing
    (D) Moscow
  60. The River Thames is located in
    (A) England✔
    (B) Scotland
    (C) Ireland
    (D) Finland
  61. In Rio Olympics 2016, the gold medal, in Men’s Field Hockey was won by
    (A) Germany
    (B) Holland
    (C) Australia
    (D) Argentina✔
  62. The Most populous city in the world is
    (A) Beijing
    (B) Buenos Aires
    (C) Shanghai✔
    (D) Tokyo
  63. The capital of Ukraine is
    (A) Kazan
    (B) Aden
    (C) Crimea
    (D) Kiev✔
  64. The head of state of the United Kingdom is
    (A) Queen Elizabeth I
    (B) Queen Elizabeth II✔
    (C) Queen Elizabeth III
    (D) Queen Elizabeth IV
  65. Which country is the largest producer of cotton in the world?
    (A) Australia
    (B) China✔
    (C) Russia
    (D) India
  66. The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was
    (A) Anwar Sadat✔
    (B) Dr. Abdul Salam
    (C) Dr. Muhammad Younus
    (D) Yasir Arafat
  67. Qantas is an airline of
    (A) Australia✔
    (B) Sudan
    (C) Malaysia
    (D) France
  68. AFP is the news agency of
    (A) Switzerland
    (B) France✔
    (C) Germany
    (D) Sweden

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