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National savings is a Government owned Financial organisation and attached department of Ministry of Finance.

Purpose of National savings is to encourage the habit of savings in general public of Pakistan and then mobilization of these savings for the economical and social growth of Pakistan.


there are three kinds of product differentiate on the basis of nature of return.

National savings certificates types

  1. Defense Saving Certificates
  2. Behbood Saving Certificates
  3. Special Saving Certificates
  4. Short term savings certificates.
  5. Regular income certificates.

National savings Account types

  1. Saving Account.
  2. Pensioner Benefit Account
  3. Special Saving Account
  4. Shaudha family Welfare Account

how to differentiate between National savings form other Financial institutions and commercial Banks

  1. First it is state owned organisation and attach department of Finance Division and has came under Government savings Bank act . while other banks have to follow State bank of Pakistan for rules and regulations.
  2. National Savings Schemes is fully guaranteed by the Government of Pakistan while other banks do not enjoy this privilege.
  3. Other banks and Financial institutions accepts deposit at lower rate and grant loan at higher rates. while National savings only accepts deposits but not provide facility of loans . it only provide return on investments.
  4. Other Banks and Financial organisation reinvest customer investments to earn returns. While National savings deposit all the customer investments in government treasury . The utilization of this money is wholly Government responsibility.

Relationship between State bank of Pakistan and National Savings.

State bank of Pakistan act as a agent of National Savings . It print and issues National savings certificates and prize bonds on the behalf of National Savings. State Bank of Pakistan is also completely managing the Premium prize bond of National savings.

National Savings role in Economics of Pakistan.

National Savings Plays very important role in economics of Pakistan . It generate funds for government for invest in different Development and social project.
It also collect withholding tax and Zakat for the government .

And By fluctuating National Savings schemes rates of returns on investment Government of Pakistan control the supply of money and implementation of monetary policy .

Social Impact of National Savings .

National savings launched Schemes like Bahbood saving certificates and Shaudha family Welfare Account for the widows , disabled person, special person and senior citizens to enable them to not only earn livelihood but also participate in development of Pakistan.

Need of Improvement in National Savings.

well there is always a need of improvement in every thing as National Savings Organisation serving great but still as other organisation it needs improvement in its IT department and to improve its customer services . some suggestion are

  • Centralization of Branches.
  • Online Fund Transfer Facility
  • Facility of ATM.
  • Arrangement of workshops and seminars for the awareness of investors.

hope this provide you guys quick view of National Savings Organisation and help in preparation of interview. Best of luck….!


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